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Food For Thought!

I’m so excited to put the new book Food For Thought by Cristina Ferrare (@cristinacooks) to use in my kitchen!

The lifestyle of a foodie requires balance. Eating out all the time, while great, takes a toll on the body. I try to eat healthy the rest of the time, but it is often difficult, and less than satisfying.

In reading through Food For Thought, something that stuck out to me is that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean limiting your choices, but rather eating fresh ingredients that actually nourish your body. Cristina Ferrare stresses the importance of proper nutrition in a practical and sustainable way.

This book is full of healthy comfort foods to fulfill your cravings, which is especially great right around the holidays! I’m most excited to make her Angel Hair Pasta with Caramelized Mushrooms, and also the Roasted Chicken Soup with Chicken Meatballs and Baby Pasta Alla Nonna.

Gift a friend a copy of Food For Thought this holiday season, and be sure to pick up a copy for your cookbook collection as well! #FoodForThought

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Purchase Food For Thought here!

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