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Satisfying Lunchtime Salad

As passionate as I am about cooking, lately I have not had the time to get my meals prepared for the week. As a result I've been grabbing food on the go and have been left feeling unsatisfied with both the meals and myself. This week I told myself I am getting back on track.

On Sunday, I went to heaven (aka: Trader Joe's) and stocked up on salad supplies for the week. Now, I'm typically not a salad girl. I'm the one who orders the largest plate of meat and potatoes on the menu and then judges the other girls at the table with their dainty salads and rumbling stomachs. It all comes back to the idea of satisfaction for me. If I don't feel like my meal was made of substance, I am not satisfied.

In an attempt to turn my salad mindset around, I loaded mine with protein to fill me up. My shopping list was as follows:

1 Bag of Spring Greens

1 Container of Grape Tomatoes

1 Can of Red Kidney Beans

1 Can of Chickpeas

1 Package of Steamed and Peeled Baby Beets

1 5 oz. Package of Goat Cheese

1 Bag of Frozen Corn

1 Dozen Eggs

1 Bottle of Champagne Vinagrette Dressing

Every night this week I have prepared my salad in a tupperware so I am all set to go in the morning. Feel free to play with proportions to your liking as this is totally not a science! This is what I found worked best for me!


1/4 cup frozen corn

1/4 cup red kidney beans

1/4 cup chickpeas

4 grape tomatoes, halved

1/4 cup of beet slices

1 tbsp of crumbled goat cheese

Handful of spring greens

1 hard boiled egg, chopped

1 tbsp of dressing


1. Place frozen corn in the bottom of the tupperware. It will thaw in the refrigerator overnight. While it doesn't release much liquid, it's better to put it on the bottom so the greens don't get soggy.

2. Add in beans and chickpeas. Top with beets, goat cheese and tomatoes.

3. Place handful of greens on top. Close and refrigerate.

4. I keep the hard boiled egg and dressing on the side and add them in right before serving. If you want to do this at home, place the dressing on the bottom (before the corn), and the eggs right beneath the greens.

5. The beauty of a tupperware salad is that you can add the lid and shake to get full dressing coverage. Shake shake shake and enjoy!

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