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Last year, the stars aligned and Fat Tuesday fell over my winter break, which also happened to be my birthday week! Having never been to New Orleans, I was suddenly filled with a burning desire to experience the mayhem known as Mardi Gras. My sister Marissa, aka my travel partner-in-crime, was quick to jump on board for the adventure. We spent four wonderful days eating, drinking, and wandering the French Quarter. It was all I hoped for and so much more. This past week, I have been longing to return. I miss the rich culture that surrounds you everywhere you look. Today, in honor of Fat Tuesday, I took a swing at one of my favorite food bloggers, Joy The Baker's, King Cake recipe. This version of King Cake is essentially a delicious giant ring shaped cinnamon bun- what more could you ask for???

Historically, the cake is made and eaten between the epiphany, January 6, through Fat Tuesday to honor the Three Kings who presented baby Jesus with gifts. A small plastic baby figurine, a bean, or sometimes a pecan, are baked into the ring. Whoever finds the prize in their piece gets good luck for the year!

Here's how mine came out:


Delicious. It came out delicious. Go make this little labor of love- you'll be glad you did.

Stay Tuned- An inside look at my 2015 NOLA adventure to follow!

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